NLP Hypnotherapy Customer Testimonials

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“I came to see Georgia regarding my low confidence that I suffer with due to being an acne sufferer. I came to see her, not knowing what was going to happen or even what hypnotherapy was. It only took me 3 sessions to feel like a new person. I was impressed with how long the sessions went on for, I imagined them to be an hour but this was not the case. I was there for 2 hours every session and if we were in the middle of talking about something she would continue till the conversation finished, not till the hour on the clock was up. I enjoyed my sessions; I felt listened to and looked forward to going back every week. Georgia made me realise that much of my low confidence was due to things that had happened to me in the past, which I hadn’t realised before my sessions. I also know that I had never dealt with those problems, but I have now and I feel much better for going. I would definitely recommend these hypnotherapy sessions for anyone who suffers with low confidence. In just three sessions I felt the difference, and all of my friends and family have noticed the difference in me too.”

JF, Student, Cardiff

“Hi Georgia, I have just realised it’s been 2 weeks since I saw you! Time is
flying and to be honest I have been having such a nice time that I forgot to
email you and let you know.

What can I say except thank you so so much – it has definitely been a life
changing experience for me. I knew I had changed prior to leaving Cardiff that
day as you were able to help me to see why and how and to have those questions answered has helped me so much. Also knowing how to adopt different ways of thinking makes such a difference too.

Every day is a good day now, even the days I am not bouncing off the walls LOL! I am just appreciating everyday and liking myself makes me want to be nice to myself and look after myself. I don’t even consider wanting to overeat anymore because I know the consequences and I don’t want to even consider doing that to myself. Have been out and had a few drinks with friends and had a brilliant time without feeling the need to go overboard.

I feel really good and I love the feeling. A huge weight has been lifted off my
shoulders as I now know I don’t have to control everything and I don’t have to
help everyone – I don’t need a reason to feel good about myself and I am
concentrating on all the good things and all the things I want.
I am over the moon, looking at the world through fresh eyes, it’s so nice and I
can’t thank you enough, booking a day session is the best decision I have ever made.”

Sarah Hallett, Swansea

And A Follow Up Four Months Later…

“Hi Georgia,

I am emailing you today to let you know that life is great and I am soooo grateful for your help in getting me to this good place – I am having such a good time. Since I have seen you I have continued with my own self development, just a bit every day. It’s all good and the best thing of all is that I think so differently – I am really making the most of this and happy to tell anyone who asks.

Unfortunately I lost my grandmother in March through cancer – we were extremely close, however due to my new outlook on life I was able to focus on all the good times we had and was able to grieve quietly with a smile and think of all the good times we had together.

I am one week into my competition prep now and have 13 weeks to go – it’s easy and I love it . My training is great, my diet is easy – so different when you actually like yourself and want to do all the right things – this year is the best year of my life so far, I feel like I have woken up from a fog and found life!

I can honestly say that day session with you has changed my life completely and I love it!

Thank you so much”

Sarah Hallett, Firefighter and Body Sculpting Competitor

“I’m just writing to say a big thank you for all your help. After my hypnotherapy nearly 2 weeks ago I have become more motivated. I was unable to get up in the morning, barely make it to work on time. Now I am up as soon as my alarm goes off, have time to walk the dog, sit and have breakfast before going to work, and still arriving early, with more energy. Through the same process, I have been made more aware of when I’m actually hungry, and more importantly when I’m full. My portions have become less, helping me with a great kick start to losing weight effectively.

The day went by so fast, as the session was fun informative and so relaxing.
Although I was awake throughout the hypnosis, I felt by the end of it that I had just had the best sleep I could ever get! I have never felt so relaxed and good about myself.
It is amazing the changes that have happened in such a short space of time.

Thanks again.”

Bex Haincock, Cardiff

“Thank you once again for the work that you did with me last Saturday. It was a very useful and informative day.

I can definitely say that I have felt the benefits of what you did this week. I feel much more in control of what I am eating and have found myself eating less. My scales have broken so I can’t actually weigh myself (maybe that is a good thing – it will teach me to focus more on how I feel and not a number!) but I feel lighter and my trousers are slightly less tight. Not bad for 6 days!

Many thanks once again.”

CJ, Cardiff