Sleep Disorders Hypnotherapy Cardiff

Sleep Disorders – Insomnia, Nightmares etc.
Sleeping is an Unconscious Behaviour

Going to sleep and sleeping are processes we carry out unconsciously. We may make a decision to prepare go to sleep – by noticing that we are tired, or because we know we need a certain amount of sleep in order to wake up refreshed the following day – and we get ready to sleep by relaxing (hopefully), making ourselves comfortable and closing our eyes.

When sleep comes, it’s an unconscious process – one that we prepare for and allow to happen.

When we sleep our unconscious mind keeps the body running much the same as when we are awake, though with some notable differences – we move less and differently, our bodies slow down and get a chance to recuperate and we dream.

Insomnia – Why Does It Occur?

Insomnia or a difficulty in going to sleep may be caused by the sum total of the way we have spent our day – have we used up enough energy (mental and physical) to require sleep (by being tired) or have we got an effective strategy for relaxing (letting go of stress) at the end of the day?

By looking at the processes involved in getting a good night’s sleep it becomes possible to see what is lacking in a process that is not producing a good night’s sleep. This enables us to see where a strategy change will be most effective.

If thinking about sleep this way hasn’t enabled you to make an effective change then there is an unconscious process (one that you are not aware of) going on. When you become aware of this process you will gain the ability to change it.

How Can NLP Hypnotherapy Help?

Using NLP methodologyI will help you find out what is stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep and help you to discover where you can make the most effective adjustments.

Hypnotherapy is a process of speaking directly to your unconscious mind, so it’s an excellent tool for dealing with sleep disorders. It’s useful to reinforce the changes that NLP can help you to decide to make and it can also be used for affecting changes to the unconscious process of going to sleep.

To resolve issues with sleep and sleep patterns, one to one appointments are available in sesssions of two hours, three hours, or a full day booking as a one-off appointment.

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Dreaming is another process we carry out unconsciously, though we can use it to process the (conscious and unconscious) thoughts we have while we are awake.
By using NLP to look into any troublesome thoughts we might be having during waking hours, we gain the opportunity to lay these thoughts to rest and thus remove the need to have troublesome dreams or nightmares.

Hypnotherapy can directly address the unconscious part of this process.

If you come to see me to resolve a sleep disorder,we will look at what’s going on with both conscious and unconscious processes and use both NLP and Hypnotherapy to help you get a fast and effective change to the way you experience a night’s sleep