NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming FAQs

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of how we as human beings process the information provided by the world around us (via our five senses) into thoughts, feelings and ultimately into subjective experiences.

Neuro Relates to the neurology (the anatomy, functions and dis-functions of the nervous system) we use to process information from our senses.

Linguistic The language we use to describe our experiences.

Programming The way we use repeatable programmes to build on our learning through life.

In the same way as each person watching a film will, at the end of it, have a different perspective on the meaning and content of the film, each of us process our thoughts in different ways, based on our life experiences. By understanding these processes thoroughly we gain the ability to change the way we experience our life, and therefore change the way we feel.

How NLP Works

NLP offers a comprehensive system of how we, as human beings, process our thoughts and feelings, to choose how we interact with the world. Fundamental to the techniques of NLP is the belief that you, as a unique individual and the expert in your own life, hold the potential to find the ways forward that are perfectly appropriate for you.

What’s different about NLP?

The outstanding difference with NLP is the speed at which it can help you to attain results. By working directly with the ways in which we process our thoughts and feelings, and getting to the root of where and why we get stuck, real and lasting changes are possible in just a few hours of application.

What is NLP used for?

NLP is an extremely flexible system which lends itself to a variety of applications, from team dynamics and business settings to personal development, health, well being and therapeutic uses.

The success of NLP in all of these settings is due to it’s effectiveness in helping individuals overcome the obstacles that have previously held them back.

Can NLP work for me?

In short, the answer is yes, NLP can help any individual to access the resources they need in order to make an important change, though you will need to engage in the process and apply your commitment to making change happen, Of course, choosing a skilled practitioner will enable you to get your results quickly and effectively.