Improving Self Esteem and Self Confidence Hypnotherapy

Self Esteem is all about the way you think of yourself.

Struggling with low self esteem or a lack of self confidence or self belief can lead to all sorts of problems; self esteem issues are often at the root of difficulties in relationships, money problems, stress levels, and feeling unable to get what you want out of life.

“I came to see Georgia regarding my low confidence that I suffer with due to being an acne sufferer. I came to see her, not knowing what was going to happen or even what NLP or hypnotherapy was. It only took me 3 sessions to feel like a new person.

I was impressed with how long the sessions went on for, I imagined them to be an hour but this was not the case. I was there for 2 hours every session and if we were in the middle of talking about something she would continue till the conversation finished, not till the hour on the clock was up. I enjoyed my sessions, I felt listened to I and looked forward to going back every week.

Georgia made me realise that much of my low confidence was due to things that had happened to me in the past, which I hadn’t realised before my sessions. I also know that I had never dealt with those problems, but I have now and I feel much better for going. I would definitely recommend these sessions for anyone who suffers with low confidence. In just three sessions I felt the difference, and all of my friends and family have noticed the difference in me too.”

Sue, Cardiff

The Way You Think About Yourself Affects How You Think About Everything Else

Good self esteem is the solid foundation to building confidence, just like a building with good foundations, it provides a solid platform for your confidence to rest on.

Raising your self esteem paves the way to build confidence – the confidence to go after and be able to get what you want out of life.


After three months I feel better in myself, I listen to my own voice more than I used to but also try and ‘correct’ any ‘negative/ put down’ thoughts. I have a more positive relationship with my own family as I have accepted that being who I am is not only acceptable but a good thing even if that causes some people discomfort. So being a vegetarian has caused some problems but I have managed to solve them with a sense of humour.

Generally my internal life is more relaxed, better grounded. I still struggle at times but I know a different way of doing things now so can get back to that.”

EA, Bristol

(written three months after a session)

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Customer Feedback from Self Esteem Group Training Day

‘Excellent. Thought provoking’

‘Well delivered – more please!’

‘Thank you for a wonderful morning/afternoon. I enjoyed the informal, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks again’

‘Found today very helpful. Made me think more positively about myself. Thank you’

‘Found it very useful and will go home more confident about my life’

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If you’ve struggled with self esteem for years, I want you to know that you can change how you feel about yourself, I have helped a lot of people to do just that. If you are ready to do something about it, give me a call..

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