Letting Go of Fears and Phobias

To resolve a fear or phobia I recommend booking a 4 Hour session. It may be enough or you may need to return for one more session.

What are Fears and Phobias?

A fear or a phobia is a strong emotional response to something.

This could be a reaction to anything from living creatures (spiders – arachnophobia, snakes, dogs, cats, insects) to a fear of doing something (flying, going out – agoraphobia, public speaking, driving, going to the dentist) or a fear or phobia of something particular (clowns, lifts, escalators, bridges).
NLP Hypnotherapy for Fast Resolution of Fears and Phobias

NLP offers you a new way to look at the fear or phobia you want to change. You’ll begin to see how you can overcome this fear or phobia by changing your emotional responses, so that you can stay in control of your feelings and choose how you respond.

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Hypnotherapy will help you to integrate that change, so that the next time you face what used to be a fear or phobia, you will be pleased to notice yourself responding differently and making new choices.

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Will This Be a Lasting Change ?

Just like any real change you make, if it works for you, you will be motivated to keep it and to build on it.

It’s possible to make a complete change to the way you think about, feel about and react to a fear or phobia in a matter of hours when you have the right tools plus the motivation to make a change. When this happens, it is an immediate and lasting change.

Some people will make a significant change within the hours of their consultation, and then take the new learning away to build on it. Whenever we learn something that works for us, it is a natural instinct to keep using it and benefiting from it, whether we are aware we are doing this or not.
More Than Just Dealing With the Fear

If you’ve ever had to face a fear in life, whether by choice or circumstance, you’ll know what an amazing feeling it is to achieve something that previously you thought or felt you couldn’t do.

Overcoming a fear changes your perception of yourself and your abilities because you give yourself a strong, clear message ‘I can do more than I realised’
Open Up New Possibilities in Your Life

Living with a fear or phobia limits your choices – overcoming the fear will expand your options.

For you, this may mean being able to fly to an exotic holiday destination, being able to enjoy the great outdoors, gardening or camping, or simply being able to walk down the street, relaxed and happy.

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