Hypnotherapy in Cardiff with

Do You Need to Break a Pattern, Change a Habit or Generally Feel Better?

I can very likely help you
But the first thing you need to know is:
I’m not your ordinary sort of hypnotherapist.
If you’re looking for;
One hour sessions
Gradual Change 
Someone to do the work for you
Someone to tell you that change is difficult 
I’m not the person you’re looking for. 
If you are; 
Prepared to do the work
Willing to look at things differently
Prepared to let me run the session/s
Ready to do whatever you need to do to make change happen
Then you’re in exactly the right place. Give me a call and let’s get you booked in asap!
Sessions are at my premises in central Cardiff. If you are too far away or unable to travel I will work by Skype
I can help with any type of limited belief, difficult feeling or unwanted outcome, including those listed below. 
What I do isn’t therapy, it’s change work.

Rachel describes what a 121 Breakthrough Session is like


“I have certainly been a lot better since seeing you – my partner and close friends have noticed a huge change. My ability to deal with stress in the work environment has improved beyond belief too. I think that I have seen changes in my attitude to food and feel a lot happier about the way I eat, I have also cut down on the drinks I had gotten used to in the evenings and have seen huge benefits in this area.”


South Wales

“I think that our sessions were very helpful indeed. More helpful than any other coach / therapist in view of the number of hours we spent with each other.”



“…It has been three weeks now since my session and I am already 11 lbs lighter.

My weight is now moving in the right direction, my sleeping patterns have improved and I have a better understanding of myself. Thank you Georgia!”



“Thank you once again for the work that you did with me last Saturday. It was a very useful and informative day.

I can definitely say that I have felt the benefits of what you did this week. I feel much more in control of what I am eating and have found myself eating less. My scales have broken so I can’t actually weigh myself (maybe that is a good thing – it will teach me to focus more on how I feel and not a number!) but I feel lighter and my trousers are slightly less tight. Not bad for 6 days!

Many thanks once again.”