NLP Training

Looking for the best NLP training? If you are serious about learning NLP to a really high level so that you can use the tools and techniques of NLP in your own life, your work or your business, you will want a trainer with a proven track record of results. My training that will give you a real understanding of how to use NLP for yourself to improve the results you are getting in any area of your life. Just look at my online reviews and testimonials.

NLP is a fantastic toolset that can be applied to any area of life where you would like to improve the results you get. You can use NLP to make personal changes as well as to get great outcomes in your work or business.

NLP is for you if you want to be the best that you can be.

Because NLP is all about flexible thinking and flexibility in your approach.
The more flexible you are the more options you will have and if you work with others, this will dramatically increase the range of people you will be able to successfully work with.

On this NLP Practitioner Training you will learn a great set of skills which you will be able to apply to any area of your life including building your business.

You will learn to:-

  • Become fluent in the language of change
  • Make full use of your non verbal communication
  • Use the cornerstone techniques of NLP to create mindset changes in yourself and others
  • Apply approaches from NLP in daily life and in your work or business
  • Understand the deeper motivations that drive you and others
  • Set effective and achievable goals and help others to do the same
  • Understand the difference between willpower and natural motivation

Plus I will share with you my personal experience of:-

  • How people get stuck and what helps them to move on
  • Using NLP to help people make those mindset changes that lead to lifestyle and behaviour change
  • What I have learned through years of working one to one
  • How to continue learning on your own, long after the end of the training

You will have the opportunity to:-

  • Ask lots of questions
  • Bring your own scenarios that we will discuss as case studies
  • Try out techniques with each other
  • Help each other to learn and improve in a totally positive environment

Plus :-

  • Small class size, maximum 9 people
  • Course manual and pre-study audios included
  • Plenty of time in class for your questions to be fully answered
  • The opportunity to learn with a trainer who has a proven track record using NLP in for personal change work and in business
  • A total of eight days NLP training, 9.30 AM to 7 PM daily

Where and When

NLP Practitioner Training in Cardiff in 2016

Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th June


Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th July 2016

NLP comes to life when you use it. Come and join us for a memorable and transformational 8 days in Cardiff this summer.

Contact me for more info
Contact Me for further info or if you just have a few questions about the training or call me, Georgia, on 07823 332 605

What’s covered on the Training?

Understanding the Concepts of NLP

The Pre-suppositions of NLP

Building Rapport with yourself and with others

The properties of the unconscious mind

Using NLP to learn NLP

The Four Stages of Learning

Sensory Acuity – excellent observational skills

How the mind works, processing information and making decisions

Body Language and unconscious communication

The Language of Change

Questioning for Results

The Content and Context of our Thinking

Matching Words with Behaviours (and why sometimes we don’t)

The Power of Suggestion

Directional Language

Hypnotic language

Metaphors – Stories that change thinking

Processing Systems

How our Thoughts (conscious and unconscious) Create our Feelings

The Structure of our Thoughts – Submodalities

Cause and Effect – empowering thinking


Programmed Responses – the theory of Anchoring

Limiting Beliefs

Emotions and Their Purpose

How and Why Fears and Phobias are Formed

Understanding People

Levels of Change from Belief to Behaviour

Why Willpower Doesn’t Work

How Thoughts and Feelings Affect Results

Finding the Root Cause of the Problem


Eliciting and Changing Strategies
Installing Anchors
Accessing Resourceful States
Belief Change
Submodalities Work
Resolving Internal Conflict (Parts)
Aligning Beliefs Values and Behaviours

Time Perspectives

Working with Time Lines
Resolving Past Trauma
Accessing Resources from your Past
Putting Goals in your Future


The Importance of Goal Setting
Well Formed Goals
Sustainable Motivation
Sales and Negotiation
Modelling Excellence
What’s Next?

Course Prices

NLP Practitioner Training, 8 days classroom based training, 9.30 am til 7 pm, plus course manual, pre-study audios and NLP Practitioner certification upon successful completion of the course. Feedback and assessment is continuous throughout the course.

Training Fees £1500 pp. Booking is by deposit of £350.

Early Booking offer: £1350 when booked with deposit by 1st April 2016

Call Georgia on 07823 332 605 to find out more.

The price stated is what you will pay (no hidden extras).

My training is recognised by the ANLP (the UK based Association of NLP). Find me listed as an NLP Trainer on their website.